List of subjects - B.A.LL.B.(Hons.)

Trimester-I Trimester-II Trimester-III
Sociology-I Sociology-II Political Science-I
Economics-I Economics-II International Trade & Public Finance
Law of Torts-I Law of Torts-II Constitutional Law-I
Common Law in India Law of Contract-I Law of Contract-II
English-I English-II English-III
Computer-I Computer-II Computer-III
Trimester-IV Trimester-V Trimester-VI
Political Science-II Family Law-I Family Law-II
Constitutional Law-II Constitutional Law-III Property Law-I
Criminology Criminal Law-I(IPC) Criminal Law-II(IPC)
Equity, Trust & Specific Relief History-I History-II
Legal Writing-I Legal Writing-II Sociology of Law
Legal Writing-III
Trimester-VII Trimester-VIII Trimester-IX
Civil Procedure -I Civil Procedure -II Criminal Law-III(Cr.PC)
Human Rights Law Corporate Law Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Property Law-II Law of Evidence-I Law of Evidence-II
Law Relating to Partnership International Trade Law Capital Markets and Securities
Clinical Course-I Clinical Course-II Clinical Course-III
Accountancy-I Accountancy-II
Trimester - X Trimester - XI Trimester - XII
Administrative Law-I Administrative Law - II/a> Law Relating to Industrial Relations
Interpretation of Statutes - I Interpretation of Statutes - II Laws of Patents and Trade Marks
Criminal Law-IV(Cr.PC) Insurance Law Environmental Law
Banking Law Jurisprudence- I Jurisprudence- II
Consumer Protection Law & Policy Intellectual Property Laws Public International Law
Trimester - XIII Trimester - XIV Trimester - XV
Private International Law Professional Ethics Air & Space Law
Social Security & Labour Welfare Laws Taxation Law International Criminal Law
Elective Groups
Group - I (Business Law & IPR) Group - II (Criminal & HR)
Transport Law including Carriage of Goods Socio Economic Offences
Law and Globalisation Juvenile Justice & Human Rights
Laws of Biodiversity & IP Disability Law
Laws of Designs and Layout - Designs of IC Health Law
Competition Law Law, Women and Human Rights
Agriculture Law Corporate Crime and Ethics
Group - III (General Law) Group - IV (International Dimensions of Law)
Media, Law and Culture International Environmental Law
Religion & Law International Taxation Law
Tribal and Customary Laws Cyber Law
Law Relating to Affirmative Action Maritime Law
Critical Legal Studies Water & Natural Resources Law
Sports Law Energy Law