M.P. State Domicile Rule

The Tehsildar, Additional Tehsildar or Naib Tehsildar of the concerned area are authorised to issue the certificate. A passport size photograph of the applicant will be affixed and attested on the certificate. The wife and minor children of the certificate holder will naturally be treated as residents of Madhya Pradesh. They do not need any separate domicile certificate. In the domicile certificate, details of wife and minor children will be recorded and the competent officer will certify them as domicile of Madhya Pradesh.

A domicile certificate issued on the name of the head of the family will always be applicable for the whole family. When the minor children become adults, a copy of the domicile certificate will be sufficient proof for the competent authority to issue domicile certificate on the name of the adult. It may be mentioned here that the domicile certificate issued will not be treated as a proof for verifying caste of caste certificate issued.

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