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Message from the Director


Education is the most important weapon with which one can change the world

Nelson Mandela

In the face of global challenges and technological advancements, the legal profession is transforming, demanding adaptability and innovation. Our commitment to providing a world-class legal education remains unwavering, and we recognize the need to embrace contemporary methods to ensure the accessibility and inclusivity of our programmes.

Education is a method to develop a creative mind, optimistic and critical thinking, and societal development. Distance education is a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and learners are not negatively impacted by time and distance. Distance education courses do not require the physical presence of the teacher and the taught. The New Education Policy 2020, focuses on the use of technology and increased access for educational institutions. Dedicated towards nation and nation-building, the National Law Institute University, Bhopal aims to reach out to students in specified disciplines. We intend to initiate a distance learning programme for inclusive learning and reaching out to the students in large numbers. Let us utilise the resource base of NLIU, Bhopal to the fullest foundation building. Our commitment to academic excellence, combined with the convenience of distance learning, empowers you to pursue your legal education with the same vigour and dedication, regardless of geographical constraints. The University is pursuing excellence in legal education under the visionary and dynamic leadership of Prof. (Dr.) S. Surya Prakash, Vice Chancellor of the University. The Vision of NLIU is to become one of the best centres of legal education, training and research in the world. The Mission of NLIU is to develop and nurture the intellect for the betterment of the nation and humanity through Law and Justice.

With this vision and mission in mind, we are delighted to announce the expansion and enhancement of our Distance Learning initiatives. We understand the diverse needs of our student community and through our meticulously crafted online courses, we aim to provide a flexible and enriching learning experience that caters to the demands of the modern legal landscape. In alignment with our visionary goals, the establishment of the Department of Online and Distance Education signifies a commitment to delivering excellence in education. Through uniquely tailored courses, NLIU aims to provide quality education in specialized areas. Our focus lies in crafting courses that enhance the capabilities of students, faculty members, professionals, and other participants, empowering them to navigate and resolve legal challenges effectively. At NLIU, we believe in equipping our community with the knowledge and skills necessary to address issues within the legal framework, fostering a culture of competence and innovation.

I extend my sincere thanks to Prof. (Dr.) S. Surya Prakash, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor for his support, guidance and cooperation to the department of Online and Distance Education. With dedicated and experienced faculty members and staff of the department, we are initially launching four advanced certificate programmes. In the near future, we intend to introduce more programmes including Degree and Diploma Programmes in the areas including Humanities, Law, and Technology.


Jai Hind!


Prof. (Dr.) Bir Pal Singh


Department of Online and Distance Education